5 Reasons to Praise the Backyard Horse Person

We’ve all known them. They are usually wearing dirty jeans instead of primp riding pants. Muddy work boots instead of shiny tall boots. They have blisters on their hands and probably a few cuts on their arms from offending branches or thorns. Their equipment might be mis-matched and occasionally patched up. And they have an […]

Sitting Up Straight – Not Just a Spinal Affair

It seems ridiculously mundane, but I’m a little nutty about sitting up straight in the saddle. I’ve got a thing for posture. My obsession started with taking martial arts classes at a young age and only got worse when I started riding as a teenager. Ironically, it took an injury for me to really understand […]

My Confession: I Am Not Enough

I’ve got a confession to make. Have you ever had something you’ve tried to defeat your whole life? Maybe a sense of belonging, or of failure, or of fear… Well, I’ve got a thorn in my side that I’ve battled for many years. Something the world has told me is a lie, I just need […]

Balancing Practicality and Passions

If you’re a practical thinker like I am, then your daily pursuit of optimum efficiency is paramount. Those are a lot of big words to say you’re really good at finding practical ways of doing things, and not so good at enjoying the things you’re actually passionate about. Practicality is like a game to me. […]

Build a Foundation: Essential Oil Basics

We all know a good foundation is fundamental for success.¬†And working with essential oils is no exception. In fact, when it comes to natural living, essential oils are one of the easiest and most powerful places to start. Here I want to give you the basics so you can feel confident and equipped to dive […]

Essential Oils: Getting Started

Why am I adamant about getting started with Young Living Essential Oils? Oh, I didn’t used to be. I used to be a total skeptic. After all, I had tried oils before — without a notable effect. There were many I didn’t even like the smell of. So when I got my starter kit, I […]

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