Winter Photos | Too cold for pictures?

Like so many things, life has slowed down now that the holidays are over and winter has firmly settled in. And the fridged temperatures haven’t leaned to many winter photos so far. In fact, it seems like months since I’ve touched my camera (or my scribblings, for that matter). But the other day, I was […]

Merry Christmas | Oh, and here’s a taste of the new novel, Fade Instinct

“You okay, miss?”
There was a decisive east-coast clip to his voice. A quick ocular scan upward confirmed he was cleanly dressed and his face mildly appealing. Intending to only glance at his eyes, she found herself locked into his aureate gaze. The full weight of something predatory met her. Through the fading scent of camels, her nostrils flared slightly as she picked up the sweetness of Old Spice and musty rain.

Two Essential Tips for an Epic Story

Every aspiring author wants to be known for writing an epic story. Yet many of us will never get there; not unless we do the deep, hard work and lean into our craft. That is why it is so important to start with the right foundation to launch our novels forward.  Over the past few […]

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