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For historian Ramona Caen, studying a rare sword was as enravishing as meeting its mysterious European owner, Caleb Medici. Until their entanglement throws her into a world where the dead are on a rampage, memories have metaphysical power, and blood is a force to be reckoned with.

Just weeks ago, life was much simpler for Ramona. She was entirely content with her buttoned-down professionalism. She has a cozy social life and a functional Manhattan apartment she shared with her cat, King Arthur. Her only cause of angst are night terrors that leave her emotionally ransacked. But then the flirtatious sword owner, Caleb, kidnaps and kills her. She discovers he isn’t exactly human and she isn’t exactly dead. Thanks to an ancient prophecy bound to her blood, she is resurrected as a Hercynian, with newfound abilities, and is destined to lead the race to victory.

With the weight of the world on her shoulders, she struggles to navigate the secret and primeval Hercynian government, which has been battling for dominance over humanity with the egocentric legion of undead Varisci. If that wasn’t stifling enough, she is taunted by a telepathic connection to Caleb, her murderer, and duty-bound guide. Despite his controlling overprotectiveness, she has to shape up to prophetic expectations quickly, because her awakening has not gone unnoticed. An old comrade-turned-nemesis has also been stalking her and has a plan to purge her — and the humans in Manhattan — from existence.

Armed with her shoestring experience and a small contingent of ancient superhuman warriors, will she stay alive long enough to become the leader the races need, or will she succumb to the nightmare of Varisci immolation?

About the Author

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My sense of adventure has always outweighed that of the people around me. But I’ve also got a painfully practical side. And I believe reality is finite — and there are things lurking in the shadows we don’t know about. So I plant my feet on solid ground but reach my fingertips into the haze where the two worlds meet.

On a personal note, I’ve always loved a story that gets my blood pumping, sends a chill down my spine, and has dynamic characters that pull on the raw ends of my heartstrings. So I try to write what draws me in. But beware: characters have a mind of their own, regardless of my careful planning.

Currently, I write in fractured bought of time around supporting my husband, raising my babies, and harboring an obsession with equine training.

About Immolation

Immolation is the first novel of the Shadowblade series, for which I am currently seeking representation. I have written the second novel, Infliction, and it is currently waiting for editing. The third, (which I think I’m going to title Insurrection), has been plotted but not fully written yet.

Because I can’t keep this story to myself, here are a few unveiled scenes from this enravishing tale:

Introducing Shadowblade

Who doesn’t love swords? | A peek at chapter two

Immolation Snippet | Chapter Three

Chapter Four | Booze, a motorcycle, and creepy guys in shadows

Immolation Chapter Five | Family Dinner

I periodically release new scenes on my blog, where you can subscribe and get sneak peeks of the novel before it’s published.

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