Who Are You, Really?: What the Bible Says

It’s a tricky spot. Because you NEED to know, but asking the question out loud feels unspiritual, unchristian even. What if I told you the Bible has something to say on the subject? That your very identity is written about in ancient scripture? That’s crazy talk, I know. Because it’s true. Don’t believe me? Oh friend, we’re about to take a look.

The Real Danger of Doubt

At some point or another, we all experience doubt. It can be in a situation, in a person or even in ourselves. Sure, it’s unpleasant. But could it have more impact than we think? Are we aware of the real danger of doubt and how it affects our minds, identities and faith? Doubt is a […]

How To Know If You’re On The Right Path

We all do it. We make goals, we set plans, we have a direction we want to go. It can be for our careers, competitive sports or our relationships. Or maybe we have big dreams — wild dreams that God has laid on our hearts. Then something happens: things take a long time, or they […]