Vulnerability: Not What You Thought It Was

I really had no intention of looking into this topic. In fact, I was doing research into leadership. You know, problem solving, time management, team motivation, training tips…Who would have thought when I looked into great leadership I’d come across this virtue: vulnerability. I didn’t like that idea. I like to think of myself as […]

My Confession: I Am Not Enough

I’ve got a confession to make. Have you ever had something you’ve tried to defeat your whole life? Maybe a sense of belonging, or of failure, or of fear… Well, I’ve got a thorn in my side that I’ve battled for many years. Something the world has told me is a lie, I just need […]

Dear Pressure, We’re Breaking Up

I thought I thrived quite well under pressure. Work pressure, relational pressure, mental and emotional pressure, you name it. There’s a part of my brain that shifts gears into overdrive and just goes. And if it’s life-and-death kind of pressure, even better. From working with massive — and sometimes aggressive — animals to emergency services, […]

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