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What happens when you take a stir-crazy wanderer with a rebellious streak, throw her into a domestic life and tell her to behave?

Well, you’re about to find out.

I’m Caitlin and I haven’t sat still my entire life. Lucky for me, I’m married to my partner in crime who loves adventuring nearly as much as I do. And our 2 years old son is already following in our footsteps. Oh yeah, and we welcome our baby girl into the world just this spring.

I’ll just say this now: I don’t do fluff. At all. I like to dive in, dig deep and get to know the heart of the matter.

That being said, I completely believe in living a life without pressure. You know what I’m talking about: the pressure to be perfect, to have “it all together,” to handle everything ourselves — even when it’s overwhelming. Yeah, that pressure.

Caitlin watching waterfall

This belief came from my own experiences. Despite a background in emergency dispatching and handling high-stress situations, I came to the point where I had to admit I didn’t know what to do with all the pressure of wife-hood, mom-hood and…well…regular life. About a year ago I decided enough was enough. I started seeking God in a new way. I learned how to really read my Bible for the first time, to challenge lies I had chosen to believe and to faced down things I had spent years avoiding. THAT was where I learned about my true identity. About my purpose. And that I can live without the worldly pressure.

This is my breaking free. I’m learning how to walk it out every day. How to live life vibrantly and abundantly in the freedom the Bible talks about. How to walk out my calling and have a real relationship with Jesus. And out of everything God has given me, I’m on a mission to give it away.

Why this blog?

I’m so glad you asked.

That mission I just mentioned, to give away everything God has given me? Yup, that’s why I’m here. Because I’ve lived with the overwhelm and I hate watching people walk the same path I’ve been on. Because it is so. completely. unnecessary.

I’m passionate about embracing unique design — our true identities, the way God created us, not who the world says we should be — and living with intention, purpose and untamed faith. I’ve seen the freedom it produces in my own life, and I’m on a mission to encourage others to pursue the same.

See, when we are not living out of our God-given identity, we’re living at a fraction of our potential. Once we understand what it means to be uniquely made in Him, that we are enough because He is enough, we are able to step out in new and powerful ways. We can begin walking our lives with Him leading us — and that is when we start overcoming the overwhelm. God has more in store for you an me than we can imagine. And because I believe this for myself, I believe it for you, too.

I believe in equipping, not empowering. You already have all the God-given power you need, so my job is to give you tools to put into your toolbox. I also believe if we’re working on our faith and mindsets, we need to work on our health. Because we are most effective for the glory of God when we take care of our faith and our physical bodies. So I’ll also be talking about the natural solutions that have worked for me and my family.

Let’s take a load off, grab a hot cup of coffee and journey together for a while. Maybe we’ll laugh, maybe we’ll learn, maybe we’ll dig deep. Either way, let’s find out together.