Vulnerability: Not What You Thought It Was

I really had no intention of looking into this topic. In fact, I was doing research into leadership. You know, problem solving, time management, team motivation, training tips…Who would have thought when I looked into great leadership I’d come across this virtue: vulnerability. I didn’t like that idea. I like to think of myself as […]

My Confession: I Am Not Enough

I’ve got a confession to make. Have you ever had something you’ve tried to defeat your whole life? Maybe a sense of belonging, or of failure, or of fear… Well, I’ve got a thorn in my side that I’ve battled for many years. Something the world has told me is a lie, I just need […]

Balancing Practicality and Passions

If you’re a practical thinker like I am, then your daily pursuit of optimum efficiency is paramount. Those are a lot of big words to say you’re really good at finding practical ways of doing things, and not so good at enjoying the things you’re actually passionate about. Practicality is like a game to me. […]

Dear Pressure, We’re Breaking Up

I thought I thrived quite well under pressure. Work pressure, relational pressure, mental and emotional pressure, you name it. There’s a part of my brain that shifts gears into overdrive and just goes. And if it’s life-and-death kind of pressure, even better. From working with massive — and sometimes aggressive — animals to emergency services, […]

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