39 Weeks Down: Four Pregnancy Tools I Won’t Go Without

Wow, 39 weeks pregnant already. It’s gone by so fast! With my first pregnancy, I remember anxiously waiting on each and every step. I would read the weekly updates about gestational development and count down the weeks religiously. The nursery was washed, organised and prepped months in advance.

I also remember how few pregnancy tools I had at my disposal. I was under the impression I could use heat and/or cold for aches, otherwise I was limited to the Benadryl-and-Tylenol-only rule. It felt so limiting and I felt, well, unsupported.

Now here I am with pregnancy number two.

In case you were curious, I only just got the newborn laundry done two weeks ago. And I just packed a bag to take to the birth center (better late than never!). Yes, we’re excited about this kiddo. But we’re also distracted with its hyper older brother!

What else has been different about growing number two, you ask? I’ve got a lot more pregnancy tools at my disposal.

See, after Zoom, I was a little disillusioned about conventional prenatal care. With all the years women have been birthing babies, were there really so few options for the discomforts of pregnancy? That piqued my interest enough to look into natural support, especially with essential oils. It wasn’t a big jump for me, since I had already been walking a more natural path with our wellness for the past year and a half.

At about the same time, a dear woman on my business team sent me this great book, Betsy Bosom’s Baby Book. It gave me a solid foundation for understanding why I should use certain Young Living essential oils and why I should mindfully avoid others. And one of the best perks — these were tools I already had in my collection at home.

So what are my top four pregnancy tools, you ask?

#1: Lavender Essential Oil

Not only is Lavender calming to smell, it can be relaxing on muscles. And oh boy, my aching obliques! Especially this late in the game, those puppies are stretched to their limit supporting that little bundle of joy.

Giving my sides a gentle rub-down with this oil is super relaxing at bedtime. Added perk — Lavender supports healthy sleep. Something else momma’s-to-be desperately need.

#2: Gentle Baby

This Young Living blend is a must-have for all moms/pregnant women/babies/toddlers. It’s super calming; both myself and my two-year-old love how it smells. It lives in a roll-on bottle in the nursery and frequents the bottom of Zoom’s feet at naptime, or the diffuser when we need to just. chill. out.

Added perk, it also supports your skin. I’ve used it on my kiddo’s diapered bottom and my stretching skin (every little bit to avoid stretch marks, mmm-I-right?).

#3: Digize

I don’t know where I’d be without Digize. This oil blend supports digestion — you know, that thing that isn’t easy at any point in pregnancy. I can rub a drop directly on my abdomen or put a drop of Digize Vitality (Young Living’s FDA-approved line of dietary supplement oils) under my tongue or in a dollop of syrup.

#4 Frankincense Essential Oil

I can’t sing enough praise for Frankincense. It is incredibly multi-use, and right now it’s my best friend when it comes to emotional grounding. Whenever I’m feeling frazzled/overwhelmed/just plain emotional/etc, I reach for this one.

My favorite way to use this oil is topically AND aromatically in one application. I’ll put a drop of Frankincense in the palm of my hand, then use the fingers of my opposite hand to apply it over my heart. Next, I’ll rub my hands together, cup them over my nose and mouth and take a few deep, slow breaths. Works wonders.

(Need to know where you can get your own Young Living essential oils and start feeling more confident with your health? Check out this page here.)

Each pregnancy is different and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed learning the new aspects of this one.

And I’ve appreciated the new knowledge and experience I’ve gained. In part because I’ve gotten to share them with other mom’s-to-be. And by golly, have I been more comfortable!

But…I’m still definitely ready for this kiddo to come join us on the outside world 😉

What is your favorite part of pregnancy? Comment below!

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