I Took a Walk With Inspiration | A conversation in story form

I took a walk with Inspiration today. It was a spur-of-the-moment thing, neither of us had plans to meet up, but we found each other and meandered together for a while. 

The view was stunning – open and clear and colorful. I spread my arms wide and felt the wind tickle my fingers, lifting my face to the warmth of the sun.

“Isn’t it lovely out here?” I said.


Her tone caught me by surprise. I looked over at Inspiration. She was keeping step with me, but her gaze was trained on the ground. Normally a bright, vibrant personality, she seemed overcast. There was no spring in her step, the curls of her hair flowing slowly instead of bobbing with energy. Those eyes which normally held such a sparkle of delight were dull, lips drawn downward in her normally-playful face.

Despite the beauty around me, I felt my heart turn heavy. “What’s wrong?”

Inspiration’s gaze flicked to me, then returned to the soft ground. “Why do you like walking with me?”

Taken aback, I watched her for a moment before answering. “That’s a strange question. I enjoy your company — you make things exciting. I get new perspectives and ideas when I’m around you.”

“But…do you ever act on them?”

Confused, my step slowed. “What do you mean?”

She let out a long sigh and stopped walking. Her gaze wafted over our surroundings slowly, until finally settling on mine. “I’m glad you find me exciting. Really, it warms my heart. You know how much I love bringing creativity, vibrancy and newness to people. But do you ever act on those feelings? Do you ever try on that new idea, or step out into that new perspective?”

This was so unexpected, I had to think. I sat down where we stopped, the ground warm beneath me and the gentle breeze dying down. “I guess I don’t know. Sometimes I do, but once the feeling goes away, I lose momentum.”

“The feeling…” she echoed, slowly lowering herself next to me. “There’s nothing stronger than being able to empower people with feelings. I get it — I even get excited when I see people inspired. Before the feeling even has a chance to take root, they stagnate. They stay in the dark instead of stepping into the brightness. It makes me feel sad. And…used up.”

There was a sharp pain in my chest, whether because my friend was hurting or because my own actions reflected what distressed her, I didn’t know. “So…what should people be doing instead?”

This time, her eyes faintly lit up. She lifted her face to the sky, a light smile lifting her curved lips. “Oh, I dream about that a lot. I imagine people pausing to really soak in the inspiration. They would sit still, bask in it for a while, let their imagination play with it like a kitten does with a string. Then, they would hold it close to their hearts and let it take root. As it starts to grow, they feed it by stepping out in little ways, until those little ways become big ways. Suddenly the inspiration is full-grown into something tangible, like a giant tree. And that tree would feed them, the people around them, even the birds and the earth.”

I watched Inspiration close her eyes, a blissful expression on her face as she seemed to savor her own words. I didn’t dare speak, afraid to ruin her thoughts. Wanting to know what else she would say, I sat in silence.

After a long breath, she spoke again, the content lilt in her voice replaced by one of importance. “Inspiration can come easy, because hey, I love to bless anyone who will come looking for me. But my gift isn’t meant to be a fleeting feeling, or a cheap pick-me-up. To walk with inspiration — true inspiration — should motivate hearts into action. If only more hearts would be willing to step out. Forsake insecurity, fear, whatever is holding them back. Then they would know how deep and powerful I am, and they could give my gift to others who need it.”


The story behind Walk With Inspiration

This scene has been bouncing around in my head for a while. It was during a cycle of inspiration-seeking that I realized I was “chasing that feeling,” then never acting on it. So “Inspiration” took shape as a person, and I really liked what she had to say. Thus the above conversation emerged. And since I’m getting back into exercising my “creative muscles,” I decided to actually put these words to print.

I intentionally left this story open-ended. Because it’s not about what the character does, it’s about what the reader decides to do. What you and I decide to do after we walk with inspiration.

Thoughts? Comments? Do tell below!

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