Personality Tests: One Tool to Understand Your Uniqueness

Have you ever taken a personality test? Maybe it was a requirement for a college course, or part of a work training to help interoffice relationships. Well, if you’ve taken one or not, I find personality tests are useful tools to help understand your uniqueness.

I personally get a kick out of personality tests. It’s entertaining to see what some genius has decided about my personality and how I function. But entertainment aside, they have actually proven useful as a tool to understand a little more about how my brain functions.

First, some guidelines

Before I share some of my favorite personality tests with you, I’d like to outline a few useful guidelines.

First, use them to get a “general idea” of your personality. Not as a hard-and-fast depictions of who you are. Remember, God created your unique identity (check out my last post) that encompasses your special skills, abilities and personality quirks. Tests in themselves can be limiting in their results.

Second, it really doesn’t matter if you pay for a test in my opinion. There are plenty of free options online. If you feel more confident using a test you pay for, great. If not…use the free option.

Third, be honest. I know, that’s a no-brainer. Seriously though, give real answers, not what you think they should be. Or what you want them to be.

Fourth (and I think this is most important), don’t just rely on the results you’re given. Read through all of the possible personality types and feel out which one resonates with you. It might be one type, it might be a mix of several. There isn’t really a wrong answer.


Without further ado, here are a few of my favorite personality tests

The DISC Assessment

I like this test because it’s so straight-forward. Each of the four colors (red, blue, green, yellow) have a personality type, with strengths and weaknesses. Your personality will land within one primary color, a secondary color, and a mix of the remainder.

This test gives an easy springboard, especially when trying to understand other people’s personalities and how to work with them.

The Enneagram

If you’ve looked at personality tests recently, you’ve heard about this one. It’s becoming crazy popular, with good reason. It is comprised of 9 personality types, their centers and wings, levels of development, areas of growth and stress and so on. It is quite in-depth and worth taking the time to read through.

What I like about this personality test is the link between all of the types. It’s understood our personalities are a mix of several types — with one primary and the rest are wings or considered “balanced” (meaning one isn’t necessarily stronger than others). And I found the description of my personality (Type 1) to be quite thorough.

SelfBrand Strategy Test

In a business/entrepreneurial standpoint, this test is still my favorite. Professional Branding Stragetist, Catherine Kaputa discusses branding and business strategies in her book, You Are A Brand. She created this test, which helps determine the business strategy best matching your unique personality. I found it useful on a business (and personal) level to discover how I work best.

Last but not least, have some fun with it.

Probably the worse thing you could do is go into a personality test, searching for rock-solid meaning about your identity. I’ve done that before, which is like trying to base life decisions off the answers from a Magic 8 Ball. These tests are meant to be tools — not solid depictions of who you are. So glean what is useful, discard the rest, and find something in them to laugh about.

What is your favorite personality test? I’d love to learn about new ones! Comment below.