Picture Day | Oy, ticks.

Spring is quickly making way for summer in our corner of New England. Before we launch from the ’60s to nearly 90 degrees later this week, I decided to cash in on a delayed Mothers Day gift – a few hours to wander by myself.

So I left Ryan and the kids to amuse themselves and hit the road.

But I didn’t go far. I’ve been eyeing some things in our little rural town, waiting for a chance to capture them. The main reason for my procrastination? Well, aside from all-consuming mom-life?


That’s right – ticks. I loathe them. In fact, I’m pretty sure they are straight from the pits of hell. And I’ve been picking them off the horse and kids in droves this year. Needless to say, I’ve didn’t want to risk bushwhacking just to snap a few pictures.

Still, I wanted to take those pictures. And the idea burrowed deep enough into my brain, it finally overcame my abhorrence and I just had to get it done.

The result? A few photos that made my heart happy. And, astoundingly, I didn’t pick up a single tick. Double win.


What do you do on your break away from the family? Share below!

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